Monday, 21 September 2015

The Lonely Moon

The Lonely Moon

Our love started too late,
and it ended too soon,
And now every time I see you,
I'm reminded of the moon.

It looked so lonely,
Surrounded by stars that looked so bright,
Oh, how I remember the moon,
As we said goodbye that night.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

In a Week

Six days
To get to know you
Five nights
During which my love for you grew
Four moments
To tell you how I feel
Three words
That once said would make everything real
Two kisses
Hidden on my cheek
One chance
That will last much longer than a week

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Forest Was Too Dark For Her

The Forest Was Too Dark For Her

The room was so quiet 
That the rain could be heard
As it fell from the window
While the wind howled and stirred

The girl sobbed into her pillow
As blood dropped down her hand 
For attention they said
But it was not like this was planned

Scars raked her body
Like roots from a tree
Getting deeper with time
But unlike a tree her 'roots' held no beauty

Her home held no love 
And school was the same
As the teachers turned their backs 
Her classmates turned her depression into a game

They teased and laughed at her faults
They pushed and prdded to see if she'd cry
But she knew that if they saw tears
That next they'd want her to die

So now she's got a pen in her hand
And she's sitting on her bed
With a letter beside her
Written in cursive it said:

This is my goodbye
But it's not filled with love
You might think you deserve that
But not when it's the one thing I've been deprived of

My life is not a toy
Contradictory to what you've always thought
"Keep your hands to yourself"
Was something you were obviously not taught

So here is a lesson
Before I fly away
Try and find something good in someone
Each and every day

She folded the letter 
with the utmost of care
And placed it in a envelope 
Making sure it did not tear

A tear fell from her eyes
And crashed onto her wrist
On top of the blood 
Of which it now kissed

With one last look 
She said goodbye to her life
She walked to her window 
and grabbed hold of a knife

Her skin was so tender 
It wasn't like cutting down a tree
And as she crumpled to the ground
She whispered "at last, I am free."