Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Game

For Health in school this term we covered the Circle of Courage and for our final project I wrote a short stories for each of  the four quadrants. This is my story on mastery, and if you also notice is a prequel to Sin.

The Game

Waking up in a red room with no way out is not how I usually like to start my day. This however is Dominatus and you have a one in ten chance of being chosen for The Game. I guess I was that one.
The Game is a series of challenges set to find the perfect human. Once you have completed The Game Dominatus will take your blood and make clones exactly like you. So far everyone who has woken up in this room has died. I stand up and look at my surroundings. Wow they really do like the colour red, there are red walls, read floors, red ceiling, red table, red chairs...wait chairs? As in plural, there are two chairs, there is only meant to be one. What is going on? As soon as I asked myself that question a hatch opened in the ceiling and two men, who are also wearing red, lower a girl into the room. Well this is different. As soon as the men dropped the girl on the ground they left and the hatch shut. I walk over to her and see if she is alright. I bend down and look her over. She is beautiful, I mean there is good looking girls and then there is her. Her hair is long, blonde and braided over one shoulder with a flower holding the braid in place. Her face is sharp and prominent, yet is probably as smooth as silk. She is wearing a grey t-shirt with a peace sign on it, a pair of shorts that go down to her knees, and a pair of shoes that look like they have been worn every single day for the past year. That may turn a few guys away but that is exactly what I want in a girl. A girl who doesn’t care about what she looks like or if she is following all the latest fashion trends, a girl who is different. Ha that’s going to be hard to find in a world full of clones once they find the right person.
“Excuse me but can you please stop staring at me?” While I was daydreaming about her she must have woke up.
“ Oh yeah sorry, just checking if you were all right.” I tried to act cool but I could clearly see that was not working.
“Well as you can see I am perfectly fine. Now can you move so I can stand up please?” I move away from her but I still make sure I am close to her. Okay time to begin the small talk.
“ My name is Adam Aetas by the way.”
“I’m Eve Winters, so we’re in The Game huh?”
“Yes, but I don’t know why we’re both in the same game though.”
“ It’s the 100th episode of The Game so this must be their way of celebrating, ‘lets kill two teenagers instead of one’  they are some messed up bunch of freaks.”
“Hey but with both of us here we might win” I say optimistically. As soon as I said that a countdown started to begin indicating that we only have ten seconds to compose ourselves until The Game will broadcast live in over sixty countries. Three,two,one.
“Welcome to The Game. You have been selected by the citizens of Dominatus to participate in the largest broadcasted game show in the Bodes Galaxy. You will compete in a number of challenges to win your freedom. If you do not succeed you will die. Good Luck and lets hope you become the masters of The Game.“
The first challenge is always riddles, my strong point. I don’t know how well Eve is at riddles though, I hope she is because what happens if there is a riddle I don’t understand?As Eve and I sit down at the table a red box drops down from a hatch on the ceiling. We open it up and inside is a piece of paper with three different riddles. I read the first riddle out loud.
“I cannot be seen; I cannot be felt. I cannot be heard; I cannot be smelt. I lie behind stars and under hills, empty holes I fill. I come first and follow after, I end life and kill laughter. What am I?” Oh crap, this is going to be harder than I initially thought.

“What?! How hard is this challenge meant to be? No one can guess that!”
“Okay lets just think of this logically” I say trying to reassure her. “There must be an answer otherwise they won’t have included it in The Game.”
“Okay, hmm, I lie behind stars…” We both think quietly for a second but I realise the countdown for the first riddle is almost up. We have to think of something otherwise all I’ll be seeing for the rest of my life is complete Darkness. Wait that’s it!
“ It’s darkness! You can’t see, feel, touch, hear or smell darkness, it lies behind the stars and under hills, empty holes it fills. It has to be darkness there is nothing else that would fit.
“Well write it down then!” I quickly grab the piece of paper and write darkness on the piece of paper. all of a sudden the room turns green telling us we got the answer right.
After that we flew through the riddle section, the mathematics one too. Then the science, art, history, general knowledge when we finally came to the last section of The Game. This section is so hard they don’t even have a name for it. Only one other person has reached this far in The Game and they failed. What if we fail too?
“What do you think it is going to be?” In all my worries I totally forgot Eve was here.
“I don’t know, it could be anything.”
“Lets hope we can do it then.”
“Remind me to ask you out on a date if we survive this” I say all to confidently
“Remind me to reject your offer and put you down with some really awesome one liner if we live through this.” Wow was not expecting that.
The next box lowered down from the hatch and inside was...absolutely nothing. What are we meant to do? there is a five minute timer about to start and we can do absolutely nothing to save ourselves from being killed. I want to destroy The Game and I want to destroy whoever’s sick mind came up with this stupid idea of entertainment. I turn to Eve, she has tears running down her face. I have to do something about this. I cannot just stand by and watch as Eve cries. Then it hits me, we have already got everything we need to master the game. The boxes. You see usually they get rid of the boxes after each round but this time they didn’t, I didn’t that much about it before but now I understand their purpose. I tell Eve that everything is going to be okay and that we will live through this but I need her help with the boxes. We begin piling the boxes up on top of the table once we have place them all and made sure they are stable we start to climb them. Once we reached the top I quickly looked at the time. Only two minutes left. I looked up to the ceiling and saw the faint outline of the hatch. I push my hand on the hatch and voilà! The hatch opens, we beat The Game! I let Eve climb out first then I quickly scramble out. We are the masters of The Game!
The next few months seemed to fly by, Eve and I became CEO and Chairman of the Eden Project, everywhere around us was clones of ourselves and Eve actually agreed to go out on a date with me. Eve and I mastered The Game, what will you master?

Written By Grace Franks