Wednesday, 25 December 2013


So in class we are reading the book Divergent written by Veronica Roth. For our assignment we had to create our own faction ( in Divergent, when you turn 16 you pick a faction to live in and you never see your family again if you pick a different faction than the one you grew up in. Faction before blood). Anyway my faction was called Nexus. Nexus is Latin for connection and is what I was basing my faction on. Here is a poem I wrote about my faction.

What is to come of us when we are dead and gone?
We go our life divided by these chains we call our home
they separate us by choices we make
and those by we did not
If you were faced with a decision how will you decide?
with bravery or honesty
with peacefulness or selflessness
with intelligence or none?
These chains start to tighten
pulling you into binds you cannot escape
Thoughts and speculations explode in your mind
how will you be free?
Separate our people and this is what you get
the world collapsing in on itself
from rumours and suspicion
factions divided us
now we must connect again
all you need is the chance to choose
for you a different life
for when you are connected anything can happen