Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Nightmare Child

This is my Halloween story I had to write for school I hope you enjoy it.

The Nightmare Child
Written by Grace Franks

We lost a lot of good people last month, my best friend included. These people didn’t deserve to die the way they did, and to die so young as well… I am the only one left to tell the story of The Nightmare Child, and for me to do that it is best to start at the beginning.
It was a cold October morning and I could see my breath in front of me as I climbed the stairs onto the school bus. My black sweatpants and thin T-shirt that I got volunteering to build houses for the people who lost theirs in the flood last year is not strong enough to keep out the bitter air. I flattened down my already messy, blonde hair and said hello to the bus driver. I walked down the aisle and took a seat in the third row from the back beside my best friend Lucy. Lucy and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We could sit for hours talking about nothing but horror stories. She’s not into that now, Lucy has become like every other girl in my school, girly. Lucy flicks her braided brunette hair behind her shoulder. She never wears the same outfit twice anymore, unlike me who is wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Today she is wearing a flowery tank-top with a black blazer and skinny jeans. She has piled on the makeup and covered herself in jewellry. Even if I think she is wearing too much cosmetics the rest of the girls in my class think she has barely anything on at all. All she talks about now are boys and beauty products. she doesn't even like school anymore.
“Why do we have to go on this stupid field trip anyway, what can we possibly learn from visiting a rundown, asylum for the crazies? I would much rather spend my time shopping.” Lucy said with an irritated tone to her voice.
“ Its history” I reply. “Most of our ancestors went to St. Johns Asylum for the Mentally Unstable because they all believed in someone called The Nightmare Child. A lot of people just thought they were crazy but some did start to believe in their theories.
“They were crazy Rose. Who would believe in something as foolish as The Nightmare Child.” after that Lucy began to talk about makeup so I stopped paying attention.
Once everyone in my class had boarded the bus and Mr. Fletcher had done a head count we headed off to the asylum. It was an hour ride away since it was well secluded in a dense forest ten miles from nowhere. Once we finally arrived at St. Johns Asylum we headed in for the tour. From the outside you would think royalty would live here, it looked like  a castle. The asylum had four towers in each corner risen above the rest of the building. Ivy was growing up the sides of the asylum which made it look like green insects scaling the walls. As soon as you stepped  inside though, you realised no royalty could ever live here. There were rows upon rows of padded cells, and when you finally thought the cells would stop, another row would appear. We just passed the door to the basement that was restricted to everyone, even the tour guide isn’t allowed to enter, Lucy whispered in my ear.
“ This is so boring! I’m going off to explore the basement on my own.”
“ You shouldn't head off on your own you don’t know what could be down there! I said worriedly.
“ Relax grandma I’ll be fine.” And with that Lucy was off.
Lucy came back ten minutes later with a terrified look on her face. Something’s happened.
“ Lucy what happened, are you okay?” I asked quickly while examining her for any injuries. Lucy shuddered then blinked. I could of swore her eyes just turned black. “ Lucy where did you go? Did you go anywhere apart from the basement?”
“ Nowhere, I was absolutely nowhere.” Lucy said with a vacant sound to her voice, as if there was no life inside of her. I found no wounds on her which lessened my worry a little.
“Come on we better catch up to the rest of the group” But that was a big mistake. You see I should never of let Lucy go back to the group, because that is how everyone dies.
“Ah there you are girls you should try and keep up with the group from now on. You don’t want to be caught by The Nightmare Child” Mr.Fletcher said to us jokingly. That was Mr. Fletcher’s final words. The next few seconds went by so slowly it felt like an eternity. The entire class saw Lucy transform into a devilish creature. You could call it a child Lucy turned into but no child could ever look like that. Black rotten fangs replaced her once white teeth, her  pupils expanding until all the colour in her eyes had been drained completely. Lucy began convulsing, Black liquid writhing through her veins, her skin crumbling away until all that was left was a leathery membrane that looked like the colour of death itself. Once Lucy was no longer Lucy she lunged at Mr. Fletcher and began sucking out his soul until there was nothing left but an empty corpse, but that was before The Nightmare Child entered his body. Mr. Fletcher's body began to rise from where it fell and Lucy’s body came tumbling down. Lucy was dead. She’s been dead since the moment she entered the basement.
All of a sudden bodies everywhere where dropping down dead. Everyone was screaming but no one would hear our cries. I suddenly saw what was happening. When The Nightmare Child kills someone it has to enter the body of its last victim. Mia, the smartest girl in our class who had the most beautiful brunette hair was dead. Josh the athlete, was dead, Miranda the class clown was dead, Sally the shy girl who sat at the back of the class was dead. Everyone was dead apart from me. What made me so special? I stared into The Nightmare Child’s eyes, and it stared right back. I looked around counting everyone lying on the floor trying to figure out who’s body The Nightmare Child had taken possession of. It was Liam. Sweet little Liam who would hold the door open for everyone as they entered the school, who sat on his own for lunch and had no one to listen to. Then I suddenly realised the reason why The Nightmare Child hadn’t eaten my soul. It was because I hadn’t given up. I had something to fight for. Everyone else in my class had no one they cared enough about to fight against The Nightmare Child. I am still here because of Liam. He saved my life. He gave me a fighting chance, because if Liam hadn’t died before I did I would be lying on the ground surrounded by my fellow classmates. With my new found courage I walked over to the case where they kept the fire axe and grabbed it. With all my might I picked up the axe and swung. I hit The Nightmare child right in the neck slicing through its leathery skin and straight out the other side. Ink black blood drained out of The Nightmare Child’s severed head. I had killed The Nightmare Child.
Once I finally found a phone I called the police. They came as quickly as they could but once they arrived they arrested my on the spot. They didn’t believe in The Nightmare Child, They were saying I should be put in an asylum for the disgusting things I have done. So now you see why I am writing this today. This is me pleading my case, telling you I am innocent. This is me giving up because there is no one left to fight for. This is me and my death note so you know what happened to me. This is me. The Nightmare Child.