Monday, 2 September 2013

Holding Hands

Holding Hands
We used to hold hands
We used to walk together
And talk about our future together
Now I hold his hand in the hope that he will squeeze back
But I know he never will
You never realise how much you have missed out on
How much more time you need together
But time is not our friend
Everyday that passes more hope is lost
Death is coming for him
There is no way it can be stopped
The beats of his heart, once loud and joyful
Now distant and sad
And the rise of his chest is getting harder to see
Then I hear or see nothing at all
He is gone
My happiness and joy has disappeared from my life
Leaving nothing but despair and sorrow
That's when I fall
Falling is a beautiful and horrid thing
It is just like flying until you crash
I crash into water where the darkness is waiting for me
I remember us holding hands and laughing at the life we had planned
The life we never got to share
I crash into the water
And never come back up for air.
By Grace Franks