Wednesday, 25 December 2013


So in class we are reading the book Divergent written by Veronica Roth. For our assignment we had to create our own faction ( in Divergent, when you turn 16 you pick a faction to live in and you never see your family again if you pick a different faction than the one you grew up in. Faction before blood). Anyway my faction was called Nexus. Nexus is Latin for connection and is what I was basing my faction on. Here is a poem I wrote about my faction.

What is to come of us when we are dead and gone?
We go our life divided by these chains we call our home
they separate us by choices we make
and those by we did not
If you were faced with a decision how will you decide?
with bravery or honesty
with peacefulness or selflessness
with intelligence or none?
These chains start to tighten
pulling you into binds you cannot escape
Thoughts and speculations explode in your mind
how will you be free?
Separate our people and this is what you get
the world collapsing in on itself
from rumours and suspicion
factions divided us
now we must connect again
all you need is the chance to choose
for you a different life
for when you are connected anything can happen

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Game

For Health in school this term we covered the Circle of Courage and for our final project I wrote a short stories for each of  the four quadrants. This is my story on mastery, and if you also notice is a prequel to Sin.

The Game

Waking up in a red room with no way out is not how I usually like to start my day. This however is Dominatus and you have a one in ten chance of being chosen for The Game. I guess I was that one.
The Game is a series of challenges set to find the perfect human. Once you have completed The Game Dominatus will take your blood and make clones exactly like you. So far everyone who has woken up in this room has died. I stand up and look at my surroundings. Wow they really do like the colour red, there are red walls, read floors, red ceiling, red table, red chairs...wait chairs? As in plural, there are two chairs, there is only meant to be one. What is going on? As soon as I asked myself that question a hatch opened in the ceiling and two men, who are also wearing red, lower a girl into the room. Well this is different. As soon as the men dropped the girl on the ground they left and the hatch shut. I walk over to her and see if she is alright. I bend down and look her over. She is beautiful, I mean there is good looking girls and then there is her. Her hair is long, blonde and braided over one shoulder with a flower holding the braid in place. Her face is sharp and prominent, yet is probably as smooth as silk. She is wearing a grey t-shirt with a peace sign on it, a pair of shorts that go down to her knees, and a pair of shoes that look like they have been worn every single day for the past year. That may turn a few guys away but that is exactly what I want in a girl. A girl who doesn’t care about what she looks like or if she is following all the latest fashion trends, a girl who is different. Ha that’s going to be hard to find in a world full of clones once they find the right person.
“Excuse me but can you please stop staring at me?” While I was daydreaming about her she must have woke up.
“ Oh yeah sorry, just checking if you were all right.” I tried to act cool but I could clearly see that was not working.
“Well as you can see I am perfectly fine. Now can you move so I can stand up please?” I move away from her but I still make sure I am close to her. Okay time to begin the small talk.
“ My name is Adam Aetas by the way.”
“I’m Eve Winters, so we’re in The Game huh?”
“Yes, but I don’t know why we’re both in the same game though.”
“ It’s the 100th episode of The Game so this must be their way of celebrating, ‘lets kill two teenagers instead of one’  they are some messed up bunch of freaks.”
“Hey but with both of us here we might win” I say optimistically. As soon as I said that a countdown started to begin indicating that we only have ten seconds to compose ourselves until The Game will broadcast live in over sixty countries. Three,two,one.
“Welcome to The Game. You have been selected by the citizens of Dominatus to participate in the largest broadcasted game show in the Bodes Galaxy. You will compete in a number of challenges to win your freedom. If you do not succeed you will die. Good Luck and lets hope you become the masters of The Game.“
The first challenge is always riddles, my strong point. I don’t know how well Eve is at riddles though, I hope she is because what happens if there is a riddle I don’t understand?As Eve and I sit down at the table a red box drops down from a hatch on the ceiling. We open it up and inside is a piece of paper with three different riddles. I read the first riddle out loud.
“I cannot be seen; I cannot be felt. I cannot be heard; I cannot be smelt. I lie behind stars and under hills, empty holes I fill. I come first and follow after, I end life and kill laughter. What am I?” Oh crap, this is going to be harder than I initially thought.

“What?! How hard is this challenge meant to be? No one can guess that!”
“Okay lets just think of this logically” I say trying to reassure her. “There must be an answer otherwise they won’t have included it in The Game.”
“Okay, hmm, I lie behind stars…” We both think quietly for a second but I realise the countdown for the first riddle is almost up. We have to think of something otherwise all I’ll be seeing for the rest of my life is complete Darkness. Wait that’s it!
“ It’s darkness! You can’t see, feel, touch, hear or smell darkness, it lies behind the stars and under hills, empty holes it fills. It has to be darkness there is nothing else that would fit.
“Well write it down then!” I quickly grab the piece of paper and write darkness on the piece of paper. all of a sudden the room turns green telling us we got the answer right.
After that we flew through the riddle section, the mathematics one too. Then the science, art, history, general knowledge when we finally came to the last section of The Game. This section is so hard they don’t even have a name for it. Only one other person has reached this far in The Game and they failed. What if we fail too?
“What do you think it is going to be?” In all my worries I totally forgot Eve was here.
“I don’t know, it could be anything.”
“Lets hope we can do it then.”
“Remind me to ask you out on a date if we survive this” I say all to confidently
“Remind me to reject your offer and put you down with some really awesome one liner if we live through this.” Wow was not expecting that.
The next box lowered down from the hatch and inside was...absolutely nothing. What are we meant to do? there is a five minute timer about to start and we can do absolutely nothing to save ourselves from being killed. I want to destroy The Game and I want to destroy whoever’s sick mind came up with this stupid idea of entertainment. I turn to Eve, she has tears running down her face. I have to do something about this. I cannot just stand by and watch as Eve cries. Then it hits me, we have already got everything we need to master the game. The boxes. You see usually they get rid of the boxes after each round but this time they didn’t, I didn’t that much about it before but now I understand their purpose. I tell Eve that everything is going to be okay and that we will live through this but I need her help with the boxes. We begin piling the boxes up on top of the table once we have place them all and made sure they are stable we start to climb them. Once we reached the top I quickly looked at the time. Only two minutes left. I looked up to the ceiling and saw the faint outline of the hatch. I push my hand on the hatch and voilĂ ! The hatch opens, we beat The Game! I let Eve climb out first then I quickly scramble out. We are the masters of The Game!
The next few months seemed to fly by, Eve and I became CEO and Chairman of the Eden Project, everywhere around us was clones of ourselves and Eve actually agreed to go out on a date with me. Eve and I mastered The Game, what will you master?

Written By Grace Franks

The Officer With The Bread

For Health in school this term we covered the Circle of Courage and for our final project I wrote a short stories for each of  the four quadrants. This is my story on generosity.

The Officer With The Bread

Sacrifice. What did you think of when you heard that word? Did you think of giving up something you just can’t live without, or losing someone you love for the sake of something else? Maybe sacrifice doesn’t need to mean that. What if it can be just giving something up you can live without and getting something better in return. My name is Alex and this is the story of my savior.
The year was 1943 and I was living in Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp. I was Jewish and you know what that meant. I wasn’t an officer or guard. I was a prisoner.The Gestapo had taken us from our homes threw us into a truck and then we ended up here. Everyday was the same, We were woken at 5:00am and then an SS Officer did a head count. We then went and dug graves. Graves for our bodies to be put in when we eventually die. Lunch was broth or even just warm water in a small metal tin. After lunch we went to work making ammunition for the Nazi’s. Dinner was a slice of bread. Sundays were the best because on your slice of bread for dinner you got a thin slice of margarine on it. The officers were so cruel to us. I first came in here with my mother and father, and my little sister. My father and I got separated from my mother and sister when we first arrived, My father then got sent to the showers one afternoon and never came back. They say that was where the gas chambers were. I never got to say goodbye.
Three months past and I was a scraggly boy who was just all skin and bones. My once shiny hair was dirty, shaved, and full of lice. I was so sick I could barely eat my soup  at lunch. That was when the SS Officers loaded us all onto trucks like cattle then sent us to another camp. Sachsenhausen. After four months of torturous labour at Sachsenhausen they decided to move us again.By this time I was used to being thrown into trucks. We were sent to Dachau a concentration camp closer to the border of Austria. I spent only two months at this camp before the camp officials decided it was time to pack up and leave. They told us to march, so that is what we did.
This is when my savior comes in. It was an unlikely sort of savior, not the one that will stand out in history books, just a man who quietly saved my life. As I said before sacrifice doesn’t need to mean giving up something you can’t live without, but offering something  of little value to you but of great to another and in the end receiving a substantial gift in return. Around one thousand men and women were walking the death march with me, and about two hundred of them died from starvation or illness. Another fifty were killed by officers for not being able to keep up with the group. Once we were finally able to stop for rest officers came round with water. After they gave us a miniscule amount of water the officers got out some food for themselves and mocked us as they ate, all but one. As we were packing up, getting ready to start marching again I felt something being pressed into my hand, it was a slice of bread. I  looked up and saw an officer staring down at me. Why would he do this? While everyone was busy I quickly ran round the corner of a truck and stuffed the peice of bread into my mouth, it was delicious.
That peice of bread gave me the energy to finish the march, and gave me the energy to think of a plan when it comes to the time of killing us all. I decided to fake my death. When we finally reached our destination we were flocked into a group and the officers started shooting. In all the commotion  I managed to slither my way into the middle of the group hidden from the bullets by hundreds of other people. Then when the group started getting smaller I purposely got myself shot in the arm so it looked like I had been killed by a bullet. Then I just fell to the ground, just like what I planned. Just when I thought the shooting will never stop I took a risky look and realised that everyone who was once standing beside me was fallen on the ground whimpering their final words. I saw the guards come over and check if everyone was dead. I held my breath for as long as I could but i finally had to breath. What a mistake that was, someone noticed and came over. I am going to die, I thought to myself. I didn’t though, because the same man that gave me the bread was the man who came over to check if I was still alive. He lifted his index finger to his lip then just walked away. He saved my life. Again.
So there it is, my story of sacrifice and generosity. Well not really my story. Yes, I told the story but it is really the officer with the bread who made this story possible. Without him I wouldn’t be alive. I would be in a mass grave surrounded by fellow Jews. I thank that man for sacrificing his bread for me and I thank him for the generosity he had to even give me that bread in the first place. In return that man was saved as well. When the Nazi’s were finally defeated and Hitler surrendered he was taken into custody for the crimes he had committed. The only reason he had lived was because all of the people he had secretly saved had come and stood up for him, telling people of all the things he has done to save us. I was there of course pleading my case to the court making sure that the man who saved my life did not die wrongly. We won the case and he was a free man. I speak to him often, learning about his brother that fell in love with a jewish girl and in return was shot in the skull by the gestapo. I also found out that my mother and sister both died in the concentration camps. They were transferred from Auschwitz all the way to Bergen-Belsen where they died of typhus two days before the camp was liberated. Life may have many obstacles but sometimes you find someone to help you climb over them.  The officer with the bread was my savior who is yours?

Written By Grace Franks

Finding Alice

For Health in school this term we covered the Circle of Courage and for our final project I wrote a short stories for each of  the four quadrants. This is my story on belonging.

Finding Alice

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. The sound drills through my skull until I can take it no longer. I slam my fist down and then sigh at the peaceful sound of quiet. Another day of school, another day of the popular girls making my day a living hell, another day of therapy, but also a day where he will come and save me.
Life at Hillsdale High School for mentally unstable teenagers is anything but normal. There are thirteen year olds that throw fits, sixteen year olds that cry uncontrollably, everyone here has a different problem, and then there is me. I am normal, I must be. There is no way I should be in a place for crazy people. What I saw was real, yet no one believes me.  When I was thirteen I fell down a hole in the ground. I was playing hide and seek with my friends in the park when it all happened. At first the hole was only big enough to fit a rabbit, but then it grew. It grew so large that it sucked me up and I fell into another world.(This is usually the time when people start to understand why I am in a place for unstable teens.) Along my journey I met a little white rabbit. this rabbit didn’t talk, but used hand gestures to talk, and for some reason had a fob watch attached to his fur, and was always indicating that I was late.  I followed this rabbit to a man’s house. This man lived in a hat (yeah an actual hat) and drank tea all day long. He was as mad as some of the people at my school and forgot what he was saying every ten minutes. The Mad Hatter I called him. Along the way I met a grinning cat, a caterpillar that smokes, a queen with a real addiction to the colour red, a pair of twins with serious issues,  and came close to losing my life every single day. It may sound like a nightmare, but it was the one place I really felt like I belong.
“good morning Alice” Mr. Grover says to me as I walk into my first class of the day.
“Hello Mr. Grover, how are you today” I saw politely just like my teachers tell me to do.
“I am well, how has your therapy been going?”
“Very well, they say I may be able to leave soon once I forget Wonderland.”
“Well I hope you do. Maybe you will be able to carry on with your life once you forget.”
“ I hope so too.” I give a quick smile then run off into my classroom. There is no way I am going to forget. I just have to do what I have been doing since I first came here, lie. I sit down in my desk and take out my pencil and notebook and start to draw. They say drawing is a good way to get out what you are feeling. I don’t draw what I am feeling though because I know my therapists look at this, and if they see anything related to wonderland I will be denied my right to leave. I don’t belong here, I belong in wonderland. Wonderland is where my friends are, where the adventure is, where my life is.
The bell rings signaling class is over and I start to head outside, when I see a white blur outside. He’s here, right on time. I quickly run outside, my eyes darting around the school grounds trying to pinpoint his location. I scan the area near the side of the school that backs into a forest and I catch a glimpse of him jumping down a hole. I start into a sprint and race for the trees. I cannot be late because  he hates it when I am late. I finally reach the hole and look down into it. The hole was only big enough to fit a rabbit, well that was until it began to grow. Once the hole was finally big enough for me to fit through I jump. Everything goes black and I cannot see a thing. Suddenly I could see again. I was lying on a black and white tile floor, and was surrounded by doors. Standing right by the smallest door was the rabbit.
You’re late, yet again. Great Rabbit is making hand gestures again.
“ It’s nice to know you haven’t changed a bit Rabbit.” I saw a bit too sarcastically.
Here is where you make your decision, you can either go back to your normal world or you can stay in Wonderland forever. You will be saying goodbye to everyone you love if you decide to come with me. Choose your door Alice.
The rabbit points at two doors. One has overgrown vines tangled all over it and the other is...wait, its exactly the same. How does he want me to make my decision if both doors are the same?! “Rabbit stop messing with me give me the real doors to pick from!”
I am not messing with you Alice, these are the real doors. They may look the same but the door to the world you truly belong in will show itself to you in one way or another. Look harder Alice.
I study the first door noticing nothing unusual about it, I turn to the second door and examine it as well. I can’t find anything. I am starting to get frustrated when right in the left hand corner is a tiny blue caterpillar making smoke rings with his pipe! The red Queen is there, looking as red as ever, and whats that beside her? For some reason I want to call it a Jabberwocky.
“Rabbit I pick this door.” With that I reach out my hand grab the door knob and twist it. I push the door open and I walk into Wonderland. I know now that not only do I belong in Wonderland, but Wonderland belongs with me. While I was away Wonderland was in turmoil, everything was dying and the red queen had so much power. Now that I am here though things will change. As soon as I stepped through that door things began to grow again, and I knew how to defeat the queen for good this time. I belong in wonderland, where do you belong?

From the Original Ideas of Lewis Carroll
Written by Grace Franks


For Health in school this term we covered the Circle of Courage and for our final project I wrote a short stories for each of  the four quadrants. This is my story on Independence.


The year is 2187, the government rules and we follow the them like sheep. I am Rebelletrix Dux and I am sixteen years old. I live in Imperium, a city run by the government and we have no independence. In fairytales I have read about times where people had the right to vote and to decide what to do with their lives, the government doesn’t determine everyone’s every move. That is what I want, but instead we have Imperium. When you come of age the army comes to your home and shoves you into a white truck. From there they take you to some secret location no one is meant to know about and...well I don’t know what happens next, but I will soon. My coming of age celebration is tomorrow and the truck will come for the day after next. Most people are scared, anxious, worried etc. I however, am excited. This is where my plan finally comes into action. I have no mother or father like people do in the fairytales, I live with a Robot controlled to look after me. Everyone in Imperium does, because the oldest anyone ever gets in Imperium is sixteen then they are taken away. I don’t know where all the adults are, maybe they are still alive, living in a different city, maybe they don’t even know about us. Maybe they already have kids and we are just the rejects. Wherever they are, I am going to find them.
I just finished my shift at Impers fish shop when a white truck pulls up in front of me. This can’t be right they are meant to come for me in two days, not now! Two Robots open the door and try to grab me. No way are they going to take me away, not without a fight. just as they are about to grab me I shove out my foot and kick them down. I then jump on top of the first one and smash his face in. sparks fly out from broken wires and the robot starts to malfunction. I only have a few seconds before it blows up. I quickly dive towards the truck and hide behind it. BOOM! The robot explodes destroying the other Robot with it. This is my chance I only have a five minute gap before reinforcements come. I run over to the Robot that has taken less damage and insert a flash drive I stole from the school library that has been hidden in my shoe, into a slot in his head. Immediately the flash drive starts downloading all the information from the robots brain. If you think that I didn’t just suddenly decided to attack, but  have been practicing for this moment for years, well then you’re right. Ever since I was old enough to walk Genitrix, my Robot, has taught me all I needed to know about Imperium. Genitrix malfunctioned when I was just born. She started to develop emotions and with all of the information in her head about what Imperium was doing and how wrong it was she decided to fight back. Of course one Robot can’t go up against a city by itself, but Genitrix knew  that a human could. Genitrix has trained me in all areas, whether it is hacking a computer or killing a human, I am ready.
Download complete please remove flash drive. As soon as I removed it I saw another truck turn round the corner. This time I wont fight, I got what I came for so now I just need to pretend to be a good little citizen like everyone else in this godforsaken city. Genitrix would have been proud of me. The laws of Imperium say that if your Robot malfunctions they are to be disabled and incinerated. Genetrix was good at hiding her glitches but one day while she was out buying groceries for my fifteenth birthday party she glitched. It was so sudden that she could not hide it. One of the Robots walking past saw her and reported it to the authorities. She was disabled the very next day. The night of my fifteenth birthday Genitrix was meant to tell me everything she knew about Imperium, even where the adults are and what they are doing. I guess now the only way I will know where the adults are is by finding them myself.
I get into the truck willfully this time and the Robot driving me kept on talking about how bad it was of me to disable those other Robots. Blah Blah Blah, does it look like I care? We pull up to a grey building and I am forced out of the truck and shoved through the doors of the building. You know I think these Robots forgot to download their manners today. I am given an  ID tag, a new set of clothes, and an ankle tracker that tracks your every movement and will send out electric shocks that will kill you if you step one foot outside. Well that is until I disable just like Imperium disabled Genitrix. While I am standing there getting my ankle tracker set up five other kids come through the door. One boy is clearly not happy and starts attacking the Robots. This is my opportunity to get away without anyone noticing. With all the commotion I easily slipped around the corner without catching anyones attention. I look down at my tracker and realise that it wasn’t fastened on properly. Thank the gods that I didn’t have to disable it, because although I could easily do it, it would waste precious time and I don’t know how long this fight will last.
I race down hallways turning left and right where I need to, if you’re wondering how I know where I am going it’s not some fancy thing like I hijacked a Robot and downloaded the map of the building into my phone. I just stole a plain old paper map from an office. When I finally reach the main computer room I quietly sneak into it just incase there is a Robot in here. Oh great, there is. It turns round and  stares at me. I run towards it and take the Robot out with one punch to the head. This Robot is only  technician and is not downloaded with combat skills. I push it out of the seat and install the flash drive into the computer. Once everything from the flash drive is on the computer I send everything to every electrical device in the city. Since this is 2187 and everyone has at least fifty electrical devices in their home everyone will see these. As the information goes on it gets to the part about the adults. It turns out they don’t live in a different city, they don’t have different kids and don’t know a thing about us, we aren’t the rejects, and they aren’t alive. Well not in the way people should live. When you become of age, you become a Robot. I should have known. there is no way a robot should be able to work as well as they do without a very large storage system. Do you know what they use for the storage system? They use the human brain.
Once I sent out the information everyone who saw it went crazy. Everyone rebelled setting fire to the buildings and destroying every single Robot they see. After a few months of this Imperium crumbled and the whole Robot system collapsed. We were free. We found the independence we were looking for. Instead of being run by the government and being controlled by wires and downloads we became independent and lived as our human selves. I found independence from the Robots where will you find yours?

Written By Grace Franks

Friday, 25 October 2013


This is a poem I had to write in class. I had to take one line from a song and write wherever it takes you

There is a hole in my soul
It can never be filled
All my life I have been in hiding
Running away from men
Then you came along
Everything changed
You started to pull me out of the dark
You made me believe men weren't that bad
I started to trust you
Let you guide me
I became yours 
Then you left
You left for the next best thing
The new and improved 
You threw me out 
Like all your toys before
And left me for all to attack
There is a hole in my soul
And it is you who put it there

By Grace Franks

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Nightmare Child

This is my Halloween story I had to write for school I hope you enjoy it.

The Nightmare Child
Written by Grace Franks

We lost a lot of good people last month, my best friend included. These people didn’t deserve to die the way they did, and to die so young as well… I am the only one left to tell the story of The Nightmare Child, and for me to do that it is best to start at the beginning.
It was a cold October morning and I could see my breath in front of me as I climbed the stairs onto the school bus. My black sweatpants and thin T-shirt that I got volunteering to build houses for the people who lost theirs in the flood last year is not strong enough to keep out the bitter air. I flattened down my already messy, blonde hair and said hello to the bus driver. I walked down the aisle and took a seat in the third row from the back beside my best friend Lucy. Lucy and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. We could sit for hours talking about nothing but horror stories. She’s not into that now, Lucy has become like every other girl in my school, girly. Lucy flicks her braided brunette hair behind her shoulder. She never wears the same outfit twice anymore, unlike me who is wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Today she is wearing a flowery tank-top with a black blazer and skinny jeans. She has piled on the makeup and covered herself in jewellry. Even if I think she is wearing too much cosmetics the rest of the girls in my class think she has barely anything on at all. All she talks about now are boys and beauty products. she doesn't even like school anymore.
“Why do we have to go on this stupid field trip anyway, what can we possibly learn from visiting a rundown, asylum for the crazies? I would much rather spend my time shopping.” Lucy said with an irritated tone to her voice.
“ Its history” I reply. “Most of our ancestors went to St. Johns Asylum for the Mentally Unstable because they all believed in someone called The Nightmare Child. A lot of people just thought they were crazy but some did start to believe in their theories.
“They were crazy Rose. Who would believe in something as foolish as The Nightmare Child.” after that Lucy began to talk about makeup so I stopped paying attention.
Once everyone in my class had boarded the bus and Mr. Fletcher had done a head count we headed off to the asylum. It was an hour ride away since it was well secluded in a dense forest ten miles from nowhere. Once we finally arrived at St. Johns Asylum we headed in for the tour. From the outside you would think royalty would live here, it looked like  a castle. The asylum had four towers in each corner risen above the rest of the building. Ivy was growing up the sides of the asylum which made it look like green insects scaling the walls. As soon as you stepped  inside though, you realised no royalty could ever live here. There were rows upon rows of padded cells, and when you finally thought the cells would stop, another row would appear. We just passed the door to the basement that was restricted to everyone, even the tour guide isn’t allowed to enter, Lucy whispered in my ear.
“ This is so boring! I’m going off to explore the basement on my own.”
“ You shouldn't head off on your own you don’t know what could be down there! I said worriedly.
“ Relax grandma I’ll be fine.” And with that Lucy was off.
Lucy came back ten minutes later with a terrified look on her face. Something’s happened.
“ Lucy what happened, are you okay?” I asked quickly while examining her for any injuries. Lucy shuddered then blinked. I could of swore her eyes just turned black. “ Lucy where did you go? Did you go anywhere apart from the basement?”
“ Nowhere, I was absolutely nowhere.” Lucy said with a vacant sound to her voice, as if there was no life inside of her. I found no wounds on her which lessened my worry a little.
“Come on we better catch up to the rest of the group” But that was a big mistake. You see I should never of let Lucy go back to the group, because that is how everyone dies.
“Ah there you are girls you should try and keep up with the group from now on. You don’t want to be caught by The Nightmare Child” Mr.Fletcher said to us jokingly. That was Mr. Fletcher’s final words. The next few seconds went by so slowly it felt like an eternity. The entire class saw Lucy transform into a devilish creature. You could call it a child Lucy turned into but no child could ever look like that. Black rotten fangs replaced her once white teeth, her  pupils expanding until all the colour in her eyes had been drained completely. Lucy began convulsing, Black liquid writhing through her veins, her skin crumbling away until all that was left was a leathery membrane that looked like the colour of death itself. Once Lucy was no longer Lucy she lunged at Mr. Fletcher and began sucking out his soul until there was nothing left but an empty corpse, but that was before The Nightmare Child entered his body. Mr. Fletcher's body began to rise from where it fell and Lucy’s body came tumbling down. Lucy was dead. She’s been dead since the moment she entered the basement.
All of a sudden bodies everywhere where dropping down dead. Everyone was screaming but no one would hear our cries. I suddenly saw what was happening. When The Nightmare Child kills someone it has to enter the body of its last victim. Mia, the smartest girl in our class who had the most beautiful brunette hair was dead. Josh the athlete, was dead, Miranda the class clown was dead, Sally the shy girl who sat at the back of the class was dead. Everyone was dead apart from me. What made me so special? I stared into The Nightmare Child’s eyes, and it stared right back. I looked around counting everyone lying on the floor trying to figure out who’s body The Nightmare Child had taken possession of. It was Liam. Sweet little Liam who would hold the door open for everyone as they entered the school, who sat on his own for lunch and had no one to listen to. Then I suddenly realised the reason why The Nightmare Child hadn’t eaten my soul. It was because I hadn’t given up. I had something to fight for. Everyone else in my class had no one they cared enough about to fight against The Nightmare Child. I am still here because of Liam. He saved my life. He gave me a fighting chance, because if Liam hadn’t died before I did I would be lying on the ground surrounded by my fellow classmates. With my new found courage I walked over to the case where they kept the fire axe and grabbed it. With all my might I picked up the axe and swung. I hit The Nightmare child right in the neck slicing through its leathery skin and straight out the other side. Ink black blood drained out of The Nightmare Child’s severed head. I had killed The Nightmare Child.
Once I finally found a phone I called the police. They came as quickly as they could but once they arrived they arrested my on the spot. They didn’t believe in The Nightmare Child, They were saying I should be put in an asylum for the disgusting things I have done. So now you see why I am writing this today. This is me pleading my case, telling you I am innocent. This is me giving up because there is no one left to fight for. This is me and my death note so you know what happened to me. This is me. The Nightmare Child.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013



Time and memories fly past me in any order they choose
I am surrounded by organized chaos 
Nothing makes sense
Its been this way since I lost myself between worlds
Lifetimes fly by in a matter of seconds 
Seconds go by in lifetimes
I am Alice in Wonderland
Where nothing is what it seems
I feel my soul being sucked away from me
I am lost in my own timeline
Running between friends and foes
I feel my life draining from me 
Hiding where it will never be seen
I am lost and cannot be found



Heaven and hell both have ways to burn
 Hell has flames that burn
Heaven burns you by giving you the sensation to jump
To leap into a world of unknown desires
To break all the rules
To make mistakes and not regret them
 And most of all to love
Love is a dangerous thing
It burns harder than heaven and hell put together
I took that jump from heaven
All for a chance at love
Now I burn in the flames of hell.

By Grace Franks

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


This is a short story my friends and I wrote together for school. 

Plum’s P.O.V: Chapter 1
Written by Grace Franks

The clock chimed three and I knew I was ready. I quickly re-applied my lipstick and left my room to meet Mustard in the observatory. As I was walking down the hallway I started to think about our fight we had last night. I didn’t mean what I said about killing him, I love him, I love him more than I have ever loved anyone in my life. At this thought I run down the hallway straight to the observatory; the old worn out floorboards creaking as I run.  I don’t even knock I just sprint through the door to the observatory and begin talking.

  “ I am sorry for last night I didn’t mean what I said about wanting to kill you. I love you you know that” I confess to Mustard.

“Mustard are you listening to me? Mustard?”

I walk over to his chair that is facing away from the door and spin it around. The scream that comes out of my mouth next was so high pitched it could shatter glass. Crimson red blood cloaked Mustards once white shirt and where his heart would be was an old skeleton key was plunged into his chest.
The next moments were so fast that they seemed to fly by in a matter of seconds. First the maid came running in and stared at the body then once she regained her sense she called the police only to find out the phones were dead and the lines had been cut. She then told me to find everybody and to tell them to meet in the hall to talk about what has just happened.  once everyone was in the hall the maid began talking.

“ I am afraid to tell you but there has been a murder in this house. I tried to call the police  but the lines have been cut. Mustard is dead and someone in this room has murdered him”

A collection of gasps fill the room.  Then as if a tsunami of noise flooded the hall everyone started talking at once. No one could hear what anybody was saying so the noise just grew and grew until a loud boom silenced everyone. The maid dropped the gun and we all stared at her.

“ Please be quiet. We need to think about this logically. There is a murderer in this house and they might strike again. I don’t know how long it will be until we can get hold of the police so we need to figure this out ourselves we need to find the murderer and contin them so they don’t kill anyone else….”

Story Continued In The Maids P.O.V Written By Chloe Miller

The Maid’s P.O.V: Chapter 2
Written by Chloe Miller

I ran in the study to see Ms. Plum sobbing next to a dead body covered in red blood with a key sticking out of his chest. I called 911 but the lines were all cut, what do we do now? I slammed the  old worn out phone down. “ Plum go get everyone and tell them its an emergency, we have a murder on our hands!”  I said in hurry. The next few minutes seemed to fly by in seconds.

“ I am afraid to tell you but there has been a murder in this house. I tried to call the police but all the lines have been cut. Mustard is dead and someone in this room has murdered him” I said as calmly as I  could.

  There were gasps and whispers, then they  turned into screams, I shouted to get everyones attention that didn't work so I shot the gun which let out a loud boom.

    “ Please be quiet we need to think about this logically. There is murderer in this house and they might strike again. I don't know how long it will be until we can get hold of the police so we need to figure this out ourselves. We need to find the murderer and contain them so they don't kill anyone else. Now to see who is guilty and innocent I have to receive everyones alibis. We didn’t find the body until 3:00pm but from the look of the blood and the colour of the body the murder must’ve happened around 12:00pm” I turn round to look at Plum. “Plum where were you at 12:00pm this afternoon?” I asked

          “ I was in the guest room studying for my final test in medical school.” Plum sobbed holding in tears.

“Peacock where were you at the time of the murder?”

“I was in the living room discussing my divorce with my lawyer” Peacock said with a pale face.

“And Scarlet where were you during this tragic time?”

“ I was reading romance novels in the spa” Scarlet said innocently

“ Greene where were you at the time when Mustard was killed?

 “ I was reading a murder mystery novel on the patio.” Greene said smiling “ But the question is, where were you at the time of the murder Maid?”

Story Continued In Scarlet’s P.O.V Written By Elsa Elshani

Scarlet's P.O.V: Chapter 3
Written by Elsa Elshani

Just a few seconds ago the Maid was asking for everyones alibi and now she is the suspected murderer.

“ You seem to know an awful lot about murder investigation, Maid.” Greene said suspiciously.

“For your information I am in university right now aiming to become a detective so this is my area of expertise.”

“ Its true!” I Burst out.

“ And how would you know that?” Greene asks me

“Unlike you Greene I like to know who my Maids are and what they would like to do with their lives” I say proudly. “But I guess you wouldn’t know that since you have barely spoken to me since I came here”

" It was you!" Greene's voice is booming through the hall.

   " How could it be me?" I shout

   " You're new here, nothing bad like this has ever happened before! Suddenly you show up and Mr.Mustard is dead!" Oh great just a second ago the Maid was the murderer and now its me!

  " It wasn't me! I swear!"

   " How would we know that?" Plum asks. " Greene is right you are the new one here. None of us know you."

  " That doesn't mean that I am a killer!" I shriek.

  " Then who would it be? Peacock yells in my face.

   " I don't know but no one should suspect that it was me. There is no proof." My voice comes out as a whisper. " No one has proof." Which was true I hadn't done anything. And right now these strangers were accusing me of a murder... My face must have been masked in horror, because Plum tells everyone.

    " Look at her she's pale, you are all scaring her."

   " THE KEY!!" I scream. Everyone jerks back when I say this.
  " What about the key?" Peacock asks in a questioning tone.
" There was a skeleton key plunged into Mustard's chest."the Maid explains.
" Like we don't know that!" Greene says sarcastically.
 " Yes but with the key we can see which door it leads to."
 " I think I know where she is getting with this." Plum begins.
" But who would want to take the key out of Mustard's chest?"

    I will." A voice comes from behind us.  All of our heads turn to see that the voice belongs to the butler. Its the first time he has spoken since the murder. This makes me think that the butler killed Mustard. If he could grab the key out of his chest then he could have the guts to kill him too. It seems like the group is gasping a lot now, because we all do. I know that they are thinking that he is the killer as well.

  " Only if you want me to." he starts to explain. " It's in my job description, to do whatever the guests of the house want to."

   I don't know that I have been holding my breath until I release it all when he finished explaining. From the way I hear the others, they have been holding their breath too.

   " Go ahead if you dare." Greene’s voice startles me. " It is pretty gruesome in there."

  They butler walks towards the door. We all follow. A moment of silence has spread upon us as we head for the observatory where we have left the body untouched until now.  The butler takes out the key for the observatory. One that only he and Mustard could have. Crossing the observatory off my list when we look for which rooms the key door opens. When the observatory door swings open. BOOM! The  old and worn out door hits the observatory walls. Everyone jumps, startled, which is odd considering all the events that have just happened a door slamming shouldn't be that big of a surprise.  But it still is and I cling to Plum, she shakes me off. Like I am a bug, like I am nothing. To these people I am nothing. Unless I can clear my name. Then I can be treated normally and they will be more forgiving. They should feel bad for accusing people so badly.

    The butler walks over to the chair where Mustard lies. A chill goes down my back. What kind of person would do this. The guests look over at me and my cheeks fill with warmth. They believe that I have done this. That I am a horrible, awful person. They think that I am killer.  The butler leans over  Mustard. He reaches over and pulls out the key.  From behind me I can hear Plum let out a small whimper. I look behind me. She is clinging to Greene for dear life. Greene is smiling a wicked smile. I shake off the thought and look back. The butler hands the key over to me. Another chill goes down my back. The butler looks like he is giving me something that belongs to me.

  " What are you going to do with the key now?" Greene asked slyly.

  " Ihat I am going to do with the key is this." I walk right out of the room.

    The key feels warm in my hand . I try to open the door to the living room and try to twist the key. It doesn't budge. I feel guilty because I wanted the key to open this door. Then they would know that it was Mrs. Peacock and not me. I then try the theatre and I hear the rest of the guests following me. The theatre doesn't work, I hurry to the spa, this is my where I was. I am worried that this key will open the spa.  The key fits in. My hands start to sweat I feel tense. I turn the key and I hear a lock snap open. The spa door opens and I feel like dying. When I turn around everyone is glaring at me with dirty looks. They all think that it was me.
Story Continued In Peacock’s P.O.V Written By Fiza Janjua

Peacock’s P.O.V: Chapter 4
Written by Fiza Janjua 

A few hours earlier….

It had just turned noon; I was walking past the observatory when I heard a loud boom I turned my head back and saw the observatory door slam shut. I ran to the door and tried to open it, but the door was locked so I looked through the little keyhole and what I saw next was the most terrifying thing in my whole life. The murder of my beloved step-brother.

  What I witnessed next was unspeakable, I saw Greene in the motion to stab him but my dear brother throws a vase at him in the attempt to save his life, but he sadly misses and Greene plunges the skeleton key into his heart sending him into a deep dark world which we call death. Red blood dripped down his arm and fell into a puddle on the beige carpet. I was screaming and yelling inside but outside no one could hear a sound as I fell to my knees, weeping in the loss of my dear brother.

  Suddenly the door swings open and I fall onto my back and land on the cold carpeted floor. Sobbing as I remember the last happy memories of when my brother and I were together but interrupting my sad memories is Greene as he glares at me in anger and confusion.

“What have you done!” I yell at him using all my strength before I collapse to the floor. I black out.

  The next thing I know I’m sitting on the patio across from Greene, I scramble to my feet and slowly back up.

“Don’t hurt me!” I say trembling with fear.

 “I won’t hurt you, I promise. We just need to talk.” He says.

“Talk? What’s left to say? You murdered my brother, Jacob! You killed him!” I yell.

“Your Step brother.” He corrects.

“We loved each other so much, neither of us ever felt like we were step siblings.” I answered him. I stared at him in disgust. “You should be ashamed of yourself! Do you even realize what you’ve done?” I told him. I looked into his eyes and saw regret but when I saw the rest of his face he seemed pleased with himself.

“I did it in the name of love you know, a love that was meant to be. Until it was interrupted by a minor setback, but I’ve taken care of that now.” He said with a sly smile on his face. “Now I have a proposal for you, I feel really bad for you. I know how you’re going through your divorce and the loss of your step brother. But you have to be strong and I want to help you get through this.” He told me.
“Help? I don’t need your help! And for your information I wouldn’t be grieving in the loss if you hadn’t killed him!” I yelled at him.

“Oh, but you do. It has come to my attention that you are in some financial trouble.” He answered me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“That lawyer you hired is awfully expensive, don’t you think?” He said.

“Thats none of your concern.”

“Oh, but I want to help you.”

“I already told you I don’t need your help!”

“Listen I’m only going to say this once, so you better listen carefully. I will give $500,000 and pay for the lawyer as well, and all you have to do is forget everything you saw.” He tells me.

 I sit there thinking for a minute. Am I really that selfish and self-absorbed that I’ll forget the murder of my own brother, just for a couple hundred bucks? I wasn’t sure, I shouldn’t be. But it was my situation that was making me think otherwise.

“You’re taking an awful long time thinking about this you know. Just let me remind you what I’m capable of.” He yelled at me this time, tapping his finger on the old worn deck chair. I had thought about and I had made my decision. I needed the money and I had to get away from my horrible husband. And it wasn’t like I wouldn’t give him a proper funeral.

“So what will it be.” He asked me.

“I accept.” I felt absolutely dreadful and I couldn’t believe what I had done. But I kept reminding myself that it was a life and death situation.

Story Continued In Greene’s P.O.V. Written By Jane Milligan

Greene’s P.O.V: Chapter 5
Written By Jane Milligan

 “My plan worked they never suspected it was sweet old worn out Mr. Green.” But I had no choice I love Plum, and Mustard did not deserve her he treated Plum horribly. So now with him out of the picture we can be together.  

It was 12:00pm and I went up to the study where Mustard usually spends his afternoons. I slowly walked into the observatory. Mustards chair was turned around facing the bay window. At this point I am starting to rethink killing him but then I think of plum and I got a boost of confidence.

      “Is that you green” Mustard asks.

     I reach into my pocket and feel the shape of an old skeleton key. As I start to walk towards him he says,

“what are you doing Green?”
    I go to grab him but he picks up a vase and throws it at me with great force I quickly duck and he misses but the Vase crashing made a loud boom, I hope no one hears. That’s when I reach for the key and plunge it into his chest just like in my book. I gasp as the ruby red blood drips onto my fingertips I can’t believe what I just did. A loud gasp comes from the door I turn my heat for a second and I feel a hand reach up and grab me it was Mustard he found a last bit of strength so I stab him repeatedly with the key. I run over to the door and push it open I see Peacock is laying on the floor sobbing.

     “What have you done she screams”

     “Just listen “I say

But she falls back with a boom hits her head, and blacks out. My adrenalin is pumping now what; I can’t have anyone see me in this room. So I quickly grab her and drag her to the back porch being careful not to be seen. She slowly regains consciousness. But when she sees who she’s with and where she is Peacock backs away. She has a confused yet angry look on her face.

“I did it in the name of love you know, a love that was meant to be. Until it was interrupted by a minor setback, but I’ve taken care of that now."
I say trying to reassure her but she looks more confused than ever. So I try to explain.

“Now I have a proposal for you, I feel really bad for you. I know how you’re going through the divorce and the loss of your step brother. But you have to be strong and I want to help you get through this.” I said to Peacock.

“Help? I don’t need your help! And for your information I wouldn’t be grieving in the loss if you hadn’t killed him!” She yells at me.

“Oh, but you do. It has come to my attention that you are in some financial trouble.” I say trying to get her to agree with me.

“What do you mean?” She asked me.

“That lawyer you hired is awfully expensive, don’t you think?” I said.

“That’s none of your concern.” She says to me

“Oh, but I want to help you.” I think my proposal is getting to her.
“I already told you I don’t need your help!” She yells at me.

“Listen I’m only going to say this once, so you better listen carefully. I will give $500,000 and pay for the lawyer all you have to do is forget everything you saw.” I tell her.

A few hours later…

We all go to the hall to meet so we can discuss this tragic death. When I get there everything is hectic people are blaming each other for no reason. I pull peacock aside to make sure she remembers the $500,000 I am giving her.

  Now I am afraid they are starting to suspect me. My story is not adding up.  I really hope my plan for framing Scarlet works. Just then Scarlet thrusts the key into the Spa’s keyhole and turns the key, it opens. I am so relieved my plan worked. I am now out of the picture and they all think it was Scarlet who killed Mustard….

Story Continued In The Butler’s P.O.V Written by ELsa Elshani

The Butler’s P.O.V: Chapter 6
Written by ELsa Elshani

  Everyone had a look of disgust on their face, when Scarlet
opens the door to the spa.

    " Scarlet!" The maid screams in joy. " We have found her it was

  When I look at the group of guests I feel happy. But my eyes fall upon Scarlet. Her eyes are threatening to spill tears.From one look at her I can tell she didn't kill him. She looks so innocent and sad.

    " It's not her!" I tell everyone. " She's been framed.  If she had done this crime then she wouldn't have taken the key and tried to open the door. That would be like just telling everyone she did this crime." Everyone thinks about what I have said. Considering the facts. Agreeing with me.

  " She probably switched keys with the spa key and the one she was going
to use to frame someone else with." Greene says a matter of factly.

   " He has a point." Plum agrees.  Scarlet has started to cry. Sobbing coming from her direction.

  " I didn't kill him. The butler is right I have been framed. I was trying
to clear my name."

  I know that everyone else is starting to believe her. Even if they don't want to. " It's not her. At the time of the murder I was getting her a drink." I'm lying about this. Scarlet looks up from her hands. Confusion on her face. She doesn't say anything though. She knows what I am doing.

  " Then who was it?" Green asks.

   A look is shot at him from Peacock. An emotion that I am not familiar with.
I don't know what but she knows something. It looks like the guilt is eating her alive.

   " Winston!" I look up at the sound of my name. It is Peacock.

  " Yes miss?"
   " Get the phone cord fixed. We need to call the police at once when we figure out who the killer is."

  I walk out of the room, once I am about to leave I look over and see Greene look at Peacock in confusion. She doesn't look back at him though. The telephone is red. It is old and worn out. The cable has been cut, a smooth move if you are trying to get away from detectives. I have a feeling that Greene has done this. Peacock knows this, I know she does. It is obvious, if you weren't sobbing like Scarlet and Plum.

  In the closet there are cables. I have to get one so I can change it  for the phone. When I reach for the box it slips out of my hands. I loud  boom echoes in the supply closet. Once I get the cable fixed and I run into the hall to tell the others.
" Peacock, the telephone has been fixed."

   " Wonderful." she replies. She inhales deeply." I have an announcement." I walk up behind Greene. In case he does something,, I hope he doesn't. He would if he found out what Peacock is doing. I hope that she does it.

   " Greene killed Mustard." Greene lunges for her but I grab him before he does.
She keeps talking. " I saw him through the keyhole. He found me and offered me 500,000 dollars if I didn't tell any of you. I was foolish. I cannot do that to my brother." Peacock looks down. " I hope you can forgive me."

  Plum walks beside her "Of course we can."

   " Call the police!" Scarlet yells at me. " Now before he gets away."

   " I can't let him go."

   " Fine I will call them!"

30 minutes later…

   The lights of red and blue flash before me. The police had come. They had taken care of Greene. Scarlet was there rubbing it in Greene's face that he hadn't gotten away with framing her. Greene was trying to confess his love to Plum. She shoos him away.

   " I will never love you."

   " I did this for us." He explains to her.

   The police officer takes Greene in the backseat of the car. Then he walks over to me and hands me a 400,000 dollar cheque.

  " Why are you giving me this?" I ask in confusion.

  " For taking this case off our hands. Call us if you need a job as a detective." Then he walks towards the car and drive away.

  Peacock is sitting with her hands on her lap. She looks very sad. I hand her the cheque.

   " This is for your divorce. It's not as much as 500 grand but.." She jumps up and hugs me.

   " Thank  you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

2 Years Later…

  " Is my make-up okay?" Scarlet asks Plum.

  " Yes it is."

  " Everyone please sit down." The minister tells them.

   I am standing with two other men and the minister. The music starts to play, Mozart's Wedding March. At that time Peacock walks out of the old and worn out doors . Her dress is red, a dark ruby red.

   " She looks gorgeous." Plum whispers to Scarlet. Scarlet nods in awe. Peacock gets to the stand.

   " Could we just skip this part?" I ask.

   " As you wish." The minister replies.

   " Eleanor Peacock do you take Winston Mark to be you husband?"

   " I do."

   " Winston Mark do you take Eleanor Peacock to be your long wedded wife?"

   " I do."

   " You may now kiss the bride."

 Although this is my wedding and I have just married the most beautiful woman in all of creation, I can never quite forget the murder at the mansion. But What would've  happened if we didn’t find the clues?